How To Make Fast Food Healthier? 8 Best Advices Should Know

how to make fast food healthier

The truth is that fast food is not healthy. But if you know these “tricks”, you can easily answer the question how to make fast food healthier.

In life, we sometimes still close our eyes and eat in happiness, putting aside our knowledge of health to enjoy the taste of fried chicken, crispy fries. More importantly, fast food is convenient, inexpensive, and is the first thing that pops into our heads when we’re hungry. So what are you waiting for, let’s answer the question of how to make fast food healthier with Bestopsmart!

1. How to make fast food healthier?

how to make fast food healthier
how to make fast food healthier

Calories and nutrients are also in fast food if you know how to multiply it. Knowing the ingredients in food as well as what you plan to eat can help you have better faith in fast food. That way, fast food won’t completely ruin your healthy life.

There are three things to keep in mind when considering fast food options:

  • Aim for clean proteins, vegetables, and fiber.
  • Refuse large servings or combos.
  • Try to limit your calorie intake to 500 calories or less.

More specifically, here’s a nutritionist’s guide on how to tailor your fastfood diet:

1.1. How to make fast food healthier with burgers?

how to make fast food healthier
how to make fast food healthier

This fast food specialty contains a lot of calories and leaves you feeling a bit indigestion after eating. But if you’re craving a burger, there are ways to control how many calories you’re about to take in:

  • Order the least fat burger possible. In many cases, it’s the chicken burger.
  • Just order the regular burger, don’t order double or triple cheeseburger (double cheeseburger or triple cheeseburger).
  • Buy a kid- or toddler-sized burger.
  • Adjust your burger to the most veggie variety possible (you can replace the lettuce with other greens).
  • Ask the kitchen to wrap your burger with lettuce leaves, instead of a loaf of bread.
    Don’t eat bacon (it’s delicious though).

1.2. How to make fast food healthier with chicken?

Chicken nuggets or chicken nuggets can all be a good source of low-fat protein.

  • Choose grilled chicken dishes instead of fried (Note that the restaurant wording in the menu is grilled or roasted).
  • Skip the sauce like mayo and order the cheeseless portion. These two ingredients can give you a lot of calories.
  • Do not take buns or dip chicken in mustard.
  • And nugget can also be a relatively large source of calories because of the composition of fat and other unhealthy tissues.

1.3. How to make fast food healthier with fish?

How to make fast food healthier with fish
How to make fast food healthier with fish

If you’re looking for a taste of the ocean in fast food, be careful. Although fish is a healthy food, fish in fastfood stores is labeled very high in calories and fat.

  • Avoid ordering fish dishes with bread.
  • Tuna salad always comes with mayonnaise and as such, it will provide more fat in one meal than is allowed. Ask the staff about the ingredients in the food before ordering

1.4. How to make fast food healthier with salads?

Really, no one walks into a fast food restaurant and orders a salad. But you might be surprised to learn that there are a few healthy options out there when you know how to order.

  • Order low-fat protein servings like grilled chicken, beans, or eggs.
  • Add salads such as dried fruits and nuts to your meals.
  • Ask the staff if you have alternatives other than frozen lettuce (maybe darker greens).
  • Note to the kitchen to keep the sauce aside because you may not eat or use a different sauce that is more suitable.

1.5. How to make fast food healthier with side dishes?

French fries are everyone’s favorite food at the fast food restaurant. But sadly, they’re always frozen, then deep-fried in oil and loaded with calories, saturated fat, and salt.

  • If you’re really craving fries, order the smallest portion possible.
  • Salads, apple slices or yogurt can also be a great accompaniment.
  • Avoid all fried foods as well as restrain yourself from eating all deep fried foods.

1.6. How to make fast food healthier with Desserts?

How to make fast food healthier with Desserts
How to make fast food healthier with Desserts

Sweets are considered a drug because of the way it stimulates the brain to produce dopamine, making you happy and unable to stop eating. So how to eat healthier sweets?

  • Order a small ice cream cone or a child-sized cup.
  • Ask the staff if the store has any low-sugar desserts.
  • Suppress cravings for sweet toppings in the diet.

1.7. How to make fast food healthier with drinks?

Gas in drinks is absolutely not good for the body, especially for your stomach. So next time you order food, use low-sugar drinks, or just order water. Also remember not to drink too many concoctions because they can completely give you 800 calories.

1.8. How to make fast food healthier with the sauce?

How to make fast food healthier with the sauce
How to make fast food healthier with the sauce

Sauces, dips and condiments can completely destroy a scientific meal. A lot of sugar and chemicals like sodium lurk behind the names of ketchup, mayonnaise or sweet chili sauce. A few ways to limit sauces and spices that are harmful to your health are:

  • Bring your own homemade sauces (Homemade sauces are quite simple and healthy because you know what you put in them.)
  • Use mustard, chili sauce, and avocado sauce for extra flavor.

Hopefully with the tips above, you can ‘cheat’ in a healthier way with fast food!


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