Best Coffee Shops In Cologne

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Like most European cities, Cologne is stuffed full of cafés. Some are old-fashioned Viennese cake palaces, others are arty political hotbeds and still other are the best possible mix between old and new. Here are the best coffee shops in Cologne you should visit. All of these cafés serve excellent coffee and a delectable array of food.

Best Coffee Shops In Cologne

Cafe Eichhornchen

Cafe Eichhornchen

In the super-trendy north-Cologne neighborhood of Nippes, this tiny little café is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon coffee and a bit of cake. Right next to a church in a leafy square, there’s plenty of space to sit outside if the weather is good.

Miss Päpki

Doilies, bone china and mismatched tables and chairs; Miss Päpki has the Victorian tea lady/hipster chintz vibe down pat. Service is excellent, the breakfast is delicious and the coffee is from Schamong, Cologne’s oldest coffee roaster.

Salon Schmitz

One of the best coffee shops in Cologne, Salon Schmitz is a grand old café in the Viennese tradition, without all the snobbery. It’s in an area surrounded by clubs and theatres, so you can head straight out for a great night out after your coffee and cake.



Kaffeesapiens is a bit out of sight for coffee lovers in Cologne, and it is a bit pity since the place has got a potential and a concept. Both the ape in the logo and seasonally variable coffee blends named by primates (like Pavian for blend of beans from Panama, Brasil and India) are following their motto of coffee evolution. All coffee blends for espresso and single origins for filters are roasted in Cologne by a local roastery Schamong.

Van Dyck

Van Dyck roastery currently has two places, both combining a roastery space with a coffee shop. The original one is in Ehrenfeld’s busy and trendy Kornerstrasse, and you cannot miss it thanks to a huge set of drums and percussion in the shop window.

The shop itself is very small and narrow, with a few seats by the wall ending with the roasting machine.


Established in 1949, the “Schamong roastery” is the oldest roastery in Cologne! This roasting house is located in the same place since its opening and thus kept its original cozy vibe, with its old-fashioned metal and glass coffee containers, and interior. Schamong has also coffee for sale (most of the coffee shops in Cologne also buy it from here), so if you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in your house, go ahead and buy some beans while there! You can also watch various freshly brewed coffees or other coffee specialties during the roasting process in its cozy roasting shop. Schamong is a family business that has been roasting the beans for three generations, since 1949. The most important part is, they really care about sustainability. Go ahead and check them out!


Kaffeesapiens  Coffee shop

Samido is a nice Cafe/Bistro which offers a varied menu of sandwiches, salads, meats, and cold and hot drinks.

If we had to choose just one reason for picking Samido to be in this list it would be the amazing Panini sandwiches which are a prepared and filled with a generous amount of deli ingredients like cheese, ham, mortadella, salami, and vegetables.

The Chicken Teriyaki Panini is particularly delicious and makes for a gratifying lunch with big juicy chicken pieces sticking out of the bread inviting you to take a bite.

Samido offers different cold and hot beverages from which to choose from, including a delicious fresh lemonade that is great for those hot summer days.

Also when it comes to coffee their Cappuccino has earned a well-deserved reputation with the customers for its flavor and the care that they take in its preparation.

Hernando Cortez

This fancy restaurant offers a sophisticated experience for a more demanding taste. Here you can find all kinds of delicious pastries and desserts in portions larger than you would normally expect for high-quality food like this.

Some of the most popular choices include the delicious cupcakes, and among the cakes, the Strawberry Cake should be on anybody’s to-do list.

If you are a chocolate fan then you’ll find plenty of delicious desserts from which to choose, including the sweet Chocolate Tart and the luscious Chocolate Cake with Raspberries.

They also offer various hot chocolate beverages from excellent brands from Ecuador, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, and Venezuela among others.

And lastly we could not forget to mention the coffees which are well prepared and are served in a generous cup, unlike those tiny teacups they serve in other places.

Le PomPom

Le PomPom is a charming cafe with the air of a fairy tale house. This cute little coffee shop stands out for its cupcakes which are well made and decorated with lively colors.

The topping of the cupcakes is made with cream cheese, instead of buttercream like it is traditionally used in pastry, which gives them their characteristic soft texture and makes it more delicate than the sugar-heavy buttercream cupcakes.

In addition to their cupcakes they also sell cakes and other varied pastry desserts which are all well made, moist, and tasty but without being too sweet.

To accompany these sweet treats they offer a variety of juices, coffees, and a good selection of teas including excellent ones like the Matcha latte, the Chai Latte, and their Green Tea with a topping of Poppy seeds.

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