12 best Chinese food party tray for all occasions

12 best Chinese food party tray for all occasions

The Festival is approaching quickly! It might be challenging to celebrate it the same way we used to given the pandemic’s present state. It can be challenging this year to make reservations or go to Chinese restaurants in groups. A Chinese festival wouldn’t be complete without some fantastic Chinese food party tray and a sizable family supper to enjoy it with, though.

You’re in luck since we’ve identified the top vendors of Chinese food party tray so you can continue to celebrate the festival at home with your loved ones without spending hours slaving away in the kitchen!

Best Chinese food party tray

1. North Park

North Park Chinese food party tray
North Park Chinese food party tray

For more than 25 years, this well-liked franchise has served as a guiding light for people who get cravings late at night. Consistent tastes that we have all become accustomed to and appreciate. It is now the go-to location for Chinoy comfort food.

2. China Mommy

This restaurant’s charming and kind owner and staff are committed to providing you with genuine Filipino-Chinese cuisine. You can taste their best-selling D.I.Y. Fresh Chinese lumpia, Misua, Sotanghon Crab, and even Fortune Bags, which preserve the Filipino-Chinese culinary history. As they accommodate your dietary demands, vegetarians and vegans are welcome to order as well.

3. Hap Chan

Hap Chan Chinese food party tray

When we most needed their Roasted Asado Noodles and Meatball Congee, Hap Chan, another pillar of Chinoy comfort cuisine, was there. With a considerably larger and more varied menu than they did in 1999, they are now a franchise. For whichever size party you’ll be hosting, you can select from the family size or party size portions.

4. The Chow Men

Renowned for their crabs, but more so for their prawn, noodle, and chicken meals. Attention, crab lovers: this is where you can find some of the best crab-based Chinese meals! Don’t miss their famous Crab Fried Rice with a pour-over sauce (made with, you guessed it, more crab) from their all-crab menu!

5. Luk Yuen

You can always rely on this dependable family restaurant to satisfy your Chinese craving for a slightly smaller expense. They serve platters for Chinese holidays as well as lighter flavors and family-style meals. They’re also a great place to start if you want to try Chinese food party tray.

6. Gloria Maris

Gloria Maris Chinese food party tray

Anyone who has eaten here would tell you that you haven’t properly appreciated Chinese cuisine until you have had their true Cantonese cuisine. One of the best and most well-known family restaurants in the metro, particularly among Chinese customers who regularly return. On Gloria Maris’s Assorted Cold Cuts, Roast Duck, and Steamed Crab with Glutinous Rice, you can never go wrong.

7. Tien Ma’s

This is the restaurant to visit if you like hearty Taiwanese food. With every bite, the authentic Taiwanese restaurant, known for its fresh, incredibly delectable Xiao Long Bao, homemade dumplings, and beef noodle soup, promises to transport you back to Taipei’s night markets!

8. Super Bowl of China

Super tasty cuisine at super sulit costs is the one thing that this restaurant can guarantee for you. They also deliver! both in keeping their word and arriving at your door! Their party platters are available for pre-order so you may be ready for any upcoming Chinese holiday days in advance!

9. Lugang Cafe

Lugang Cafe Chinese food party tray

Prior to the shutdown, Lugang Cafe was renowned for its excellent noodles, dim sum, and the associated feast-all-you-can promotion. We all have to put our fantasies of eating unli dim sum on hold because of the epidemic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a box of xiao long bao with truffle paste delivered right to our homes, does it? You can get their Special Roasting Combination sets for Chinese New Year.

10. Lido

Peak Chinese cuisine or Chinese food party tray would definitely be Lido Cocina Tsina. The restaurant offers meals with a Pinoy influence that are truly Chinese. Enjoy their lumpiang shanghai, pancit bihon, and Chinese asado that has been pugon-roasted on any given day or at any time. The Chinese New Year feast sets are available from them!

11. Chuan Kee

Chuan Kee Chinese food party tray

One of the earliest Chinese fast food establishments in Chinatown is Chuan Kee. The best kiampong, maki, gokhong, and lechon kawali are produced there. Additionally, they provide bilaos for their pansit options, which can serve groups of 5 to 25 people.

12. Panda Express

Panda Express is an American-Chinese fast food restaurant that deviates a little from the typical 100% Chinese cuisine. It first opened its doors in 1983. Unquestionably the largest chain of Chinese fast food restaurants in the US, it is renowned for its Orange Chicken and Chow Mein.

The final thought

Even if you aren’t organizing a large event, you might check out other Chinese restaurants of Chinese food party tray that offer takeout and delivery. If you decide to take on the challenge of making the feasts yourself, Chinese groceries are also available for delivery in the metro area. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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